Crystalball is a an open-source mapping platform created by Brian Holmes (writer, cartographer, researcher) and Majk Shkurti (GIS developer). The public repository is here:

The platform includes multiple components: a custom-built OpenLayers client and authentication system, a PostgreSQL database, a Geoserver instance and a cron program for backups. The client is optimized for multimedia data display and includes in-app editing tools that make it possible for non-specialists to correct and enrich the data and add their own content.

Our aim has been to develop a general-use platform that is sharable and modifiable for specific needs. The current phase of development focuses on interactive data-display and user-friendly editing tools. Future development will include spatial analysis functions.

This knowledgebase features complete installation and configuration instructions, including downloads for the env files and database restores, as well as trouble-shooting procedures and tips. Find all tutorials in the menu at upper right.

Live example below.